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Rosemary Campbell-Preston
B.Sc (Hons.)

Rosemary Campbell-Preston B.Sc (Hons.) is founder of The Plant School.


Rosemary descends from the gardening family, Waterers, who were involved in finding and breeding plants, notably Rhododendron. Well-known for her extensive plant knowledge, Rosemary is Vice Chairman of The Woody Plant Committee for the Royal Horticultural Society and the International Dendrology Society, and chairman of ADRIA and has lectured widely, including in the USA.

Hayley Green

Hayley Green

Hayley Green manages the day to day running of our courses and works closely with Rosemary to ensure that plant enthusiasts, landscape designers and gardeners get the most out of each course.


A serial planner by trade, but gardener by heart. Hayley has always been happiest when outdoors, taking long walks with her two Labradors or pottering in the green house. She grew up in South Northamptonshire but spent a lot of time in the Yorkshire Dales and remembers searching the fields for wildflowers with her sister as soon as the season allowed. Flowers have played an important role in her life ever since.

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